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In medieval times, knights were chivalrous, giving of themselves for the protection and benefit of others. Sentree Managed Hosting is continuing that tradition by giving back to our community – to both small business and nonprofits.


Discover all the ways that Sentree Hosting gives back to the community by helping nonprofits fundraise, helping small businesses succeed, and supporting great organizations.

We Are Passionate Designers, Developers, & Marketers

Giving Pages

Fundraising landing pages for nonprofit organizations. We’ll build the page and help you manage it, without taking a percentage of your profits. Choose a free version, or a paid version with lots of helpful add-ons.

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Help with Hosting

If your small business or nonprofit has been affected by COVID-19, we’d like to help. Get the rest of 2020 hosted for free.

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Join us as we bring you educational experiences designed to help you advance your business or nonprofit organization. We’ll be adding more events as time goes on, and we look forward to helping you grow and learn!

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Learn More About Sentree Cares

In our blog we share fundraising ideas, business growth education, webinar videos, and more. It’s all designed to help you learn and grow.