(March 10, 2021, 12:00PM ET)

Join us on March 10 at noon ET to learn how to work with customer input.

Customers like to give feedback, input, and provide content, right? Well, not always. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to give you what you need, and sometimes they never stop sending ideas and criticism.

At Atarim, Vito Peleg and his team have designed the perfect feedback loop, ways to communicate with the client, and how to incorporate that feedback easily into your site design.

In this webinar, we will talk about all of that.

About the Speaker

Vito Peleg

I’ve built my first website on “Geocities” almost 20 years ago – Featuring my friends’ skateboarding crew when I was 14 yo. Since then I’ve built more than 250 websites. Some for me but most for small-medium businesses, fashion brands and startups.

As a former touring (and broke) musician, I looked for ways to allow me to work while I was touring the world playing my RNR to thousands of people and the web was, once again, there for me.

I started to build websites for clients from the back of the van (and sometimes the odd broom closet) and my passion for the field grew with each project.

When the band finally broke up I moved from the van to a tiny room at home, then to a larger room with one employee sitting right next to me all the way to having my own agency with 12 guys on my team. And I’m just getting started 😉

Even though I’ve had my share of experimentation between different platforms and building methods (I even gave Wix a shot for half a website), I fell in love with the WordPress ecosystem and the community around it.

These days, my team and I help businesses grow online while solving problems using the WP plugins we develop.

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